About Forest School & Outdoor Education Training

We provide a list of events and resources for Outdoor Educators, from School teachers that are dipping their toes into Outdoor Learning to full-blown Forest School practitioners.

We also have a list of resources of Providers that you can browse

Gaining a Forest School qualification is a challenge in itself, but with all the possibilities of activities that can be run – from fire pits to carving to slack wires it is vital that the Educators are competent in teaching and running the activities.

Have a browse of the courses on offer and if you deliver courses, add them to our listings.

Declaration of interest

This website is owned by Pulse Corporation Ltd, a Company Registered in England. The Director of Pulse Corporation, Andy Crowhurst, is also a Director of 4 Minutes Training Ltd and Cascade First Aid Ltd, both First Aid Training Companies. Both these Companies deliver the Forest School First Aid and Paediatric First Aid courses as part of their repertoire.

Apart from this it does not have any connection with any Forest School training providers and no association should be presumed. ‘Forest’ and ‘School’ are both generic terms that may be used freely.