About us

This website is owned by Pulse Corporation Ltd, a Company Registered in England. The Director of Pulse Corporation, Andy Crowhurst, is also a Director of 4 Minutes Training Ltd and Cascade First Aid Ltd, both First Aid Training Companies. Both these Companies deliver the Forest School First Aid and Paediatric First Aid courses as part of their repertoire.

Apart from this it does not have any connection with any Forest School training providers and no association should be presumed. ‘Forest’ and ‘School’ are both generic terms that may be used freely.

Andy Crowhurst

4 Minutes is a National First Aid and Safety Training Company. It uses a Network of experienced Trainers to deliver First Aid and Health & Safety courses across the United Kingdom. Trainers are chosen for their practical experience as well as qualifications, so if you go on one of our courses you are being taught by someone who has real life experience of the subject, not just a theoretical knowledge of the syllabus. It was established by Andy Crowhurst in 2012. Andy has been working for himself since 1997.

Andy joined the British Red Cross in 1988 and worked his way up, ending up as an Ambulance Aider and First Aid Trainer – both for fellow volunteers and also Adult Education classes. Following that, he became a Community Responder, which exposed him to a whole new variety of situations and skills.

In 2017 Andy was joined by Cheryl Mathews, a fellow Community Responder and between them, they bought another Training Company (The National School of First Aid Training) to expand 4 Minutes’ client base. Since then it has gone from strength to strength. Cheryl stepped down in 2020.

In 2019 Andy acquired Ladybird First Aid and is gradually integrating it into 4 Minutes….

In 2020 Andy set up Cascade First Aid with another First Aid Trainer, Becky. It is based in South Wales and has a more Outdoors theme to it. Andy runs the Business side, Becky runs the courses.

2023? – watch this space….