Event Organiser notes

Welcome to the Event Organiser information page. Do Bookmark this page for future reference, although it is linked to in the menu as well.

You can access your Control panel via the top menu. From there you can create and edit events and locations.

Whenever you create an Event it will be automatically submitted for Approval before it is published. This process will normally take less than 24 hours.

You cannot take Bookings from this website but you can provide a Booking link so that those interested can go directly to your Booking page. That way there is no risk of you taking too many Bookings and someone getting double Booked. Creating events and venues should be obvious, but here are some notes:

Events – an individual event, either in person or online

From there you can create and edit Events

Location * – The location (for in-person events). You may create multiple locations.

* These need creating once and can be reused on Events. Not needed for online events

You need to have a valid Annual subscription to publish events. An Annual subscription allows you to publish unlimited events during that time (subject to fair usage – for instance they are your own events, you are not acting on behalf of a number of organisations). If you do not have a subscription, or need to renew, you can purchase one here:


If it is your first subscription we will need to create your profile once payment has been received. We will send you a link to a form to complete.