Register and add events

If you are an Organiser of training courses, workshops, CPD etc. you can register here to have your events listed with us.

We don’t manage your Bookings for you, we prefer for you to organise that side of things as you will have something in place already where you can manage Bookings, limit numbers etc. When you register an event with us you can provide a link directly to your Booking page. We Market the event for you.



Register as an Organiser. There is a Registration fee of £30, which includes Credit for three listings.

How to register

Step 1: Contact us requesting to Register as an Event Provider

    Once validated we will send you a confirmation email with an invoice for £25 for the next 12 months.

    Once this is paid you will be able to log on and add / edit events / workshops / courses etc. through a link that we provide.